What to Pack on a Rwanda Safari – Packing List on a Holiday to Rwanda

African safaris tend to be complex and any tourist needs to put certain items together so as to make everything right for a memorable Adventure;

  • Several copies of your travel documents, like passports, tickets make copies, travel insurance, leave some at home and attach some on email.
  • A first Aid box which includes bandages, plasters plus other contents.
  • Healthy and medicinal kit including eye drops, pain killers, all necessary antibiotics you may need, cold and influenza medicine, infection relief medicine, antibacterial cream, liniments and gel, pain balms, Lancôme for insect bites like mosquitoes, anti-malaria medication you need and antihistamine for the stings of insects in the wilderness.
  • Carry prescription medications in your hand luggage.
  • Insect repellents.
  • Necessary sunscreen.
  • Lip balm.
  • Hand sanitizers.
  • Sun-hat and sun glasses.
  • Personal items, clothes and toiletries, soap, powder, hand wash, wipes, sanitary towels, ear buds, body creams and lotion among others. For clothes you have to carry those that are useful for the specified trip you going for, like swimming costumes because most lodges have swimming pools for you to enjoy, long sleeved shirts for a trekking safari, jungle boots for hiking and so on.
  • Good camera along with enough batteries, film and memory cards. These should be high-quality to take both good pictures and videos.
  • Superb Binoculars will be important for a safari especially for birders.
  • Your phone, music, a book or novel, tablet or laptop these help you to kill boredom in cases of delays.
  • A small pocket calculator to help you in bargaining.
  • Your money purse for you to carry around in the waist of even in your neck.
  • A good flash touch for helping you in cases of camps in your camping tents, nature walks in dark forests.
  • Most importantly, do not dare travel and leave your sense of humor, hilarity, patience and common sense. These few words are so simple to put in practice but some people forget them and they end up ruining a fun trip.

One the above travel tips are followed and a tourists packs all the necessary items for a safari, then he/she is guaranteed a successful adventure in Africa.