Travel Tips for Rwanda Visitors – Rwanda Travel Guide

This information is very important especially to tourists planning to go on a safari to Rwanda. We believe every client requires the best safari adventure and therefore we always offer guide to them on how to prepare for a trip to Rwanda to avoid inconveniences.

How to Obtain a Rwanda Visa?

A tourist is required to have a valid passport and Rwandan visa which expires at least 6 months after travel into the country. This can be obtained from the Foreign missions/embassy in foreign countries or on arrival at Kigali International airport for countries without the embassies. Some countries like EAC countries are exempt of the Rwandan visas, UK and USA citizens are offered free visas whereby their passports are just stamped when they arrive the country.

Health Precautions to note before goring on Safari to Rwanda

An inoculation certificate against yellow fever is also required for all travelers. A travel and medical insurance is recommended whereby the latter is for the tourism activities intended to participate in so that the insurers can cover for any uncertainties. The travel insurance help cater for delays, cancellations, loss and damage of luggage. Individuals need to inquire for the various insurance companies to know their terms and conditions. Travelers are advised to have vaccines against hepatitis A, have vaccinations against yellow fever, tetanus, typhoid, and have insect repellants, anti- malarial medicines. Also health facilities exist within Kigali town including King Faycal hospital. Also while in Rwanda avoid taking tap water or you risk suffering from typhoid, instead you can purchase bottled water

What to carry on a Safari to Rwanda – Clothes & Shoes to pack for a trip to Rwanda?

A tourist is advised to pack appropriate clothing before travel. This depends on the activity intended o participate in. for mountain gorilla trackers, a hat, rain jacket, hiking boots, garden gloves, long sleeved shirts and long trousers are required.

How to access Rwanda for gorilla trekking?

Rwanda can be accessed via Kigali International airport sometimes known as Kanombe airport because it is located in Kanombe area which is about 10kms from Kigali city. The national carrier of this country is Rwandair homed in Kigali airport. The different airlines that operate direct flights to this airport include Kenya airways, Air Tanzania, Brussels among others

Which Languages are used while on a Rwanda Safari?

The official languages used in Rwanda are French and English, their indigenous language is Kinyarwanda, though there are three ethnic groups that are Hutu, Tutsi and the Twa. A tourist is free to use any language while on a tour to Rwanda because there are numerous people in this country from different origins. We always give our clients tour guides who are good at speaking different types of languages and therefore one should not worry about this.

What type of transport is used while in Rwanda for gorilla trekking?

While in Kigali, a traveler can use taxi commonly known as “matatus” which can be found in taxi stands and buses that have stops at the various provinces for public transport but also private means can be used with the help of someone who knows the places.
Travelers from any of the EAC countries especially Burundi, Uganda and DRC can access Rwanda by road which is slightly cheaper compared to air though it is long and tiring. Like Kampala to Rwanda can be accessed using Ggaga bus.

How to acquire cell phones & internet while on a safari to Rwanda?

Acquire phones and prepaid sim cards for communication or use your unlocked cell phones. Internet in Rwanda can be accessed in some hotels, lodges, and even restaurants who offer Wi-Fi free of charge to their clients. Internet cafes can also be found around Kigali town

Which currency do I need when traveling Rwanda?

If you arrive with foreign currencies, it is recommended to exchange into Rwandan Franc (RWF) from the banks or foreign exchange bureaus. This eases shopping though some Restaurants, hotels and shopping malls accept the use of foreign currencies in form of dollars and the use of credit cards. Also banks open on weekdays from 8am to 5pm and weekends from 8am to 12pm.

Which type of accommodation should I use while on a safari to Rwanda?

Accommodation facilities inform of hotels like Hotel des Milles Collines, lodges, guesthouses are available in Kigali and Gisenyi catering for tourists of different budgets. Here is a compiled list of some lodges and hotels to use while in Rwanda.

In conclusion, Rwanda went through a period of trauma due to the genocide which affected the image of the country. However the country recovered from it and it has been two decades since it happened, the country is now known for mountain gorillas, wildlife, birds, culture and unique traditions which attract tourists to the country. It is therefore important for potential travelers to take seriously the travel tips to Rwanda to avoid any challenges on travel.